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blown glass art

lemonstreet gallery Artist Member, Lemonstreet Gallery, Kenosha. View Jayne's page at the Lemon.

Blown Glass Art:

Interested in taking glass art into another dimension ,in early 2007Jayne began glass blowing instruction at Hot Shop Glass glass blowing studio in Racine, WI . Jayne has produced vessels ranging from vases to bowls, drinking glasses to pitchers. She also has produced a collection of persians (see photo to left) for a client and is starting work on goblets.

"I have found glass blowing one of, if not THE most challenging activities I've ever attempted--including marathon training. Glass blowing requires agility, creativity, strength, and concentration to be successful. Never boring."

e-mail: jdherring@jayneherring.com or call Jayne at 262.496.0016

blown glass art