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lemonstreet gallery Artist Member, Lemonstreet Gallery, Kenosha.

You can always view some pieces of Jayne's work at Lemonstreet Gallery. 4601 Sheridan Road, Kenosha. Gallery hours are Wednesday -Sunday 11:00am -6:00pm.

About Fused Glass Art and Jayne Herring's Work

Smooth, cool, alive, hot, fun, versatile...and when is the last time you've tried eating a fine meal from an oil painting? Fused glass art is truly appreciated as both an art form and a practical method of creating useful items for the home, garden, or personal ornamentation. The artist might be creating an abstract work of art or something so useful as a place setting of dishes.

Jayne, who resides midway between Milwaukee and Chicago, especially enjoys creating decorative art pieces that can be used as bowls, trays, items for the garden, or fun vases to bring the garden inside.

Having worked with flat panel stained glass for numerous years, she moved to fused glass with a passion, continuing to experiment with various techniques that create unique and playful pieces. She also experiments with incorporating her flame-worked beads into her fused glass work...and fused glass pieces into pottery or mixed media works.

e-mail: jdherring@jayneherring.com or call Jayne at 262.496.0016